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A guide to Men’s Denim Jeans

Trends come and go but a good old pair of blue denim Jeans could always rock at any occasion paired with a crisp white shirt. However, come 2017, men, like the ladies, have a plethora of fits to choose from and a ton of styles to go through before they can swear by a favorite pair. It is almost like Sophie’s choice!

So, here we have the Ultimate Guide to Men’s Denim! Yes, it will make your life easier.

Choosing an ideal fit:

  1. Slim fit: These fit slightly around your thighs, knees, and calves, gradually loosening up towards the ankles. Perfect for tall men when teamed up with a loose Tee, for that boyish look.
  2. Straight- leg fit: Closer on the thighs but loose towards the knees and downwards. Go with stretchable denim if you are a fan of comfort. Straight fits go great with crisp shirts.
  3. Classic fit: Your legs get to breathe through and through. A loose overall fit goes well for those casual Fridays.Team these up with an open plaid shirt over a white or black tee. Be sure to choose the length wisely to avoid an old-school bottom flare.
  4. Relaxed fit: Think Eminem in any of his 90s rap videos. They have the most room and are most comfortable. Opt for the ones that fit around your hips to avoid revisiting the 90s
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The preferred wash:

  1. The Classic wash: Medium blue jeans with an inky blue color. Goes best with light colored tees.
  2. Vintage wash Having undergone minimal rinsing, these are pre-distressed and give you that Been-Wearing-These-For-Years-look that you just must have in your closet!
  3. Dark rinse: With almost a raw, untreated look but with some shading on things and knees and a softer fabric.
  4. Raw or Dry: Rough upon touching and absolutely untreated, these are denim in their righteous state.
  5. What’s trending?

    If you’re the trendy kind of man who likes to stay updated on the latest dos and don ts of the fashion world, you probably already know what’s trending. If not, roll your own way! Levels of distress on your jeans or zips and cuts are all styles you can play around with depending on your level of comfort and sense of style. When in doubt, swear by a mild distress at the knees and things paired with a crisp white or black cotton shirt.You can’t go wrong with that combo!