Top 4 Fantastic Styles of Wearing your Hoodie for any Occasion March 5, 2017 – Posted in: Lifestyle – Tags: ,

Gone are the days of old, the era of good, clean, wholesome fashion; of conventional and conforming garments. But history has a way of repeating itself like nothing is new under the sun…, and some repeat themselves too often and too sooner than they were gone. Today, we’re talking about a wardrobe-comrade, which has been a part of all of our lives, some time or the other- for most of us, it’s that thing that we got to wear when we couldn’t much tell what we should be wearing? We’re talking about that old-schoolstyles of wearing your hoodie but not too old-school garment: the hoodie. And we’ve got some good news about them!

But before that, do you still remember that Hip-Hop classic drama- 8 Miles, starring Eminem; the big-screen narration of the iconic rap god’s life story; from the gutter to the top of the ladder, narrating his struggle and relentless push towards that thing he believed he was good at? Yes, one thing you must have emphatically seen in the movie is the regalia of the street rappers and the dark, shadowy lanes of the ghettos and streets of Detroit: the hoodies and sweatshirts.

And guess what? They’re trending again but it’s not Eminem or 50’cent or their dudes like Snoop Dogg or Dr.Dre. And it’s not only to the hip-hop generation and the lean and tall rappers in oversized sweatshirts that the world owes the crescendo of this street armor, the likes of celebrities like Selena Gomez and Sofia Richie scooping up the hoodie is not uncommon these days. What’s subliminal about this thing is that everywhere you see people- youngsters, young blood, standing out for attention, with that rebels-don’t-care what the world thinks attitude, the hoodie has always been their kind of Iron Man suit.

top hoodie wearing stylesAnd one thing that about the Hip-hop culture is that it’s all about the bling, it’s about who’s got the bigger mouth and who’s got the toughest attitude, that’s one thing that hoodies have always been associated with- the guns of the wearer. Because of that, the hoodie can often be seen as the uniform of the ‘dangerous yoof’, and has garnered a bit of a bad reputation. However, with a collection of fits, colors, and sizes, you don’t have to throw on one that covers your whole face and warps your form, and you can dress up a hoodie to suit a range of styles.

Here are some styles of wearing your hoodie that you can stake your life on:

  • Leather jacket layering: This a look that you can’t really get wrong, and you can easily mix it up with different footwear, a more or less detailed jacket, or various styles of hoodies. Make sure that you don this look with a hoodie of a slightly smaller size that your jacket otherwise they’ll clash for a room, and you don’t want your body to be the battleground!
  • Bomber jacket layering: A modern way to wear a hoodie, but the bomber is back and isn’t going anywhere soon. With its unique, close fit collar it can be a little tricky to layer something that’s high neck underneath it, but if you leave your jacket open you’ll obtain an interesting layered look without it looking bulky feeling too constricting. As bomber jackets come in a range of materials, there’s a range of styles you can go for.
  • Denim Layering: This is a good idea for summer, pairing your hoodie under a lighter colored denim jacket really compliments the overall look. You can stack up to the biggest boots you can find and the most torn pair of jeans and this will look perfect for the ultimate rebel look.
  • Hoodie over hoodie: We kind of like this idea because it puts a strong statement that fashion and style are all about you- not the clothes alone. An oversized hoodie over a slightly undersized hoodie is not a new thing. If you’re kind of that person who likes setting trends this could be the new trend setter. Try it but make sure that you don’t look like a thermometer in the hot summer day!

It’s kind of a slushy feeling that you get when you pull out one of your undersized hoodies, it gives kind of that juvenile memories when you’d stick your head inside that canopy shying away from the class or when we want to throw a wistful stare at that special someone.

Like the thump of the music of the Rocky anthem does something like a power surge, boosting confidence in every athlete, so does the hoodie to everyone looking out for a break-away from the crowd and mainstream trends and just wearing that “I don’t care attitude” despite what age, color or gender you are. And on the flipside, it was a part of the paraphernalia when we were in school. If you’re thinking of re-living those evergreen days of your life, just scoop on a hoodie and you’ll get that dose of nostalgia. Once a cloak of anonymity is now a statement-maker.

And they are not going away any sooner, and they’ll stick around not less long than forever like the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. So, bring back the hoodie that you have stacked up in your closet thinking it’s too outdated or too bland because they are humble but not weak if you know what to do with them.

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