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The joggers pant Style

A few years back, only a few fashion brands offered the joggers pant with an elasticized ankle. Now, finding a pair is as easy – and inexpensive – as hitting up your local mall’s racks.

The beautification of the pant lies is twofold:

  1. These are basically dressed-up sweatpants, meaning you can wear your formerly only at home comfortable pants out of the house, and no one will judge you.
  2. They go with pretty much everything that’s already in your closet. The style is in the trend that at this point you can find these offered nearly in any material you can think of –khaki, denim, terry cloth, cotton etc. If you don’t want to wear real pants, it’s time you jump on the fashionable pants.

Below, 3 ways to wear the jogger pant:


Wear It Well:

You can skip the socks and show off some ankle in this ready-for-classic look.


Wear It Well:

If you’re lucky enough to have a casual dress code at work, these pants can be a great alternative to slacks. Treat them like regular pants with a tee and high-tops with cool socks.


Wear It Well:

When you wake up on Saturday, you want to put sweatpants on. Resist. These pants are just as easy, but look twice as nice.

Ask Yourself the Essential Question: Why Jogger?

Did you just buy a pair just to look cool like kids are doing it? Or are you simply looking for a quick way to show off your latest sneaker purchase? If you answered yes to either of these questions, maybe you need to re-evaluate if you’re ready for this style to swerve. As a general rule, we’d like to see guys nail their traditional pant style, like jeans, chinos, and trousers, before embracing something more advanced. Even when getting dressed, you’ve got to walk before you can jog.