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The Journey of Hat Trends: 400 years ago and today

For centuries and centuries, mankind has had chains of affairs with several different kinds of things he has used for his covering; they are as primitive as creation itself. And when we talk about clothing, the first things that come to mind are shirts and pants; jackets and dresses, they fill the hall-of-fame of everyday clothing. But, for many, the hat is one such member in their wardrobe, whose presence is only felt when they…

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Top 4 Fantastic Styles of Wearing your Hoodie for any Occasion

Gone are the days of old, the era of good, clean, wholesome fashion; of conventional and conforming garments. But history has a way of repeating itself like nothing is new under the sun…, and some repeat themselves too often and too sooner than they were gone. Today, we’re talking about a wardrobe-comrade, which has been a part of all of our lives, some time or the other- for most of us, it’s that thing that…

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The Best Denim Jeans for Men

A guide to Men’s Denim Jeans Trends come and go but a good old pair of blue denim Jeans could always rock at any occasion paired with a crisp white shirt. However, come 2017, men, like the ladies, have a plethora of fits to choose from and a ton of styles to go through before they can swear by a favorite pair. It is almost like Sophie’s choice! ANKLE ZIP DESTROYED JEANS Biker Denim Jeans…

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8 Ways To Style Crop Tops This Season – Crop Top Is Back

Crop tops are a style staple. We saw Madonna donning them and even the Spice Girls, spicing things up with a crop top. However, they became second choices in the late 90s with other edgy styles making their debut! But like a phoenix, the crop top has risen, redesigned and hence, sexier with a lot many pairing choices from your walk-in wardrobe! TUTTS CROP WHITE Tutts Crop Black Here are the 8 best ways of…

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Why do people think wearing joggers are a good idea?

The joggers pant Style A few years back, only a few fashion brands offered the joggers pant with an elasticized ankle. Now, finding a pair is as easy – and inexpensive – as hitting up your local mall’s racks. The beautification of the pant lies is twofold: These are basically dressed-up sweatpants, meaning you can wear your formerly only at home comfortable pants out of the house, and no one will judge you. They go…

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