8 Ways To Style Crop Tops This Season – Crop Top Is Back February 10, 2017 – Posted in: City, General – Tags: , , , , ,

Crop tops are a style staple. We saw Madonna donning them and even the Spice Girls, spicing things up with a crop top. However, they became second choices in the late 90s with other edgy styles making their debut!

But like a phoenix, the crop top has risen, redesigned and hence, sexier with a lot many pairing choices from your walk-in wardrobe!

Here are the 8 best ways of rocking a crop top!

  1. Crop tops can be paired with peppy tailored shorts – A crisped crop top with tailored shorts is more efficient way to prep for coastline holiday!
  2. Get high and wasted – With a hem of a crop top and you are in no mood to show off, you can team it with a high waist pair of trousers.
  3. Fake it until you make it! – Some tops are bit shorter than a usual top. You don’t wanna show skin all the time, you can fake it with a faux crop!
  4. let your hair down and loose yourself – Contrary to what people think, it is not mandatory for a crop top to be skin tight. A baggier fit is not only comfy but also a good place to start your affair with the crop top as it will help you rid yourself of crop tops nerviness.
  5. With streak pants – Well, it is classy and classic at the same time! Team that up with a pair of stilettos.
  6. Doing them dungarees! – Another way of avoiding too much exposure by only allowing a peek at the sides of the upper body!
  7. 9-5 swank! – Don the crop top with a blazer. You can pair them up with a high-waisted pair of trousers to become the hippest person in your office. You can thank me later!
  8. Sporty in leather! – A crop top with leather pants and a jacket plus Varsity shoes… now that’s my kind of ghetto!